Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upgrade to MeTA Studio : full jython integration, first steps of jchempaint integration

A new upgrade to MeTA Studio is now available for download. The current version is 2.0.27082011 and the update is available from usual place:

Changes in this version:
- Updated smackx libraries, GTalk integration works again!
- Fully supported Jython integration into the IDE

  - Initial implementation of JChempaint integration, more improvements on the way
  - Other improvements: surface normals, improved GTalk widget, bug fixes and improvements in federation framework, issues with .mar handling fixed, new APIs for managing workflows (no UI integration yet).
 - I also welcome javadba, who recently joined the project and plans to contribute unit tests for the parallel framework in the MeTA Studio and in the process improve it.

With this release, MeTA Studio SVN has 500+ commits ( Though the development on MeTA Studio started quite some time back (2003-04 for version 2.0.x), it was only made opensource in 2009. Just interesting to look back ;)


(PS: as you might notice from SVN logs, I unsuccessfully tried porting the project to JDK 7, which was recently released. I am almost sure that the problem is with a bug in the current JDK release. Will be investigating and may eventually migrate to the new JDK release once it becomes stable enough.)

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