Thursday, March 30, 2006

mobimol v0.5

get it from:

- minor changes, added a new filechooser

:) as usual, no older versions now available!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

mobimol v0.4

the previous version (v0.3) didn't survive long. get the latest at:

change log:
- fixed lots of bugs. one notable one is the call to math.acos() in findAngle(), which i feel is a bug in the implementation of acos rather than my code.
- the other notable change is that the painting technique has changed from endless loop to canvas.redraw_callback method, this has greately reduced the cpu cycles mobimol consumes.
- apart from the H2O coordinates provided by [cyke64] on nokia forums, you may also obtain benzene(C6H6) coordinates from here


Saturday, March 25, 2006

mobimol v0.3

get it from:, as usual the older version(s) are no longer available.

- added line and circle model for displaying atoms (as suggested by korakotc, thanks)

- thanks to cyke64 for announcing mobimol in nokia developer forum and giving an example .xyz file :)


PythonForSeries60 - Matt Croydon::Postwiki

PythonForSeries60 - Matt Croydon::Postwiki

a wiki listing mobimol ;)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

mobimol v0.2

change log:
- get the updated script from older v0.1 is no longer accessible.
- added: zoom, smoother rotation, labels (id and symbols), and a query utility (length, angles, dihedrals).

... enjoy!

RFID Viruses and Worms

Andrew S. Tanenbaum et al. have published an interesting article on possible infection of RFID based cards at:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

mobimol v0.1 - worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones

.. (most possibly ;))
well first thing first:
- you need python interpreter for s60 phones available at
- after installing this on your compatible phone, grab mobimol source from
- push it to your mobile (serial, blutooth, ...)
- and you are done!

currently this viewer reads only .xyz files and has very, very basic functionality.
you will see more features in a few days... (hope to get some spare time to do this!)

well, i never thought that i would be writing my first mobile app in python! java was my first choice, but as you see python and nokia have a nice combination :) only problem is that its not as truely portable as java. that is the cost paid for easness.. this script was written in about half a day, and about an hour to get used to the s60 python APIs.

and finally this all means that i have got a mobile! so that would be a real surprise for a lot of people that i know (u will get my number shortly ;))

.. was a nice gift for me on my BD ;)

- the shots are taken from my camera with H2O (whats that?) shown on mobile and the same stuff open in MeTA Studio on my PC.
- mobimol is very basic and will remain so, if u need full featured (programmable stuff), you may consider a look at MeTA Studio (see my earlier posts on how to obtain it)
- mobimol is GPLed , if u make changes, please make them available!

my first mobile app, mobimol - a molecule viewer written in python for s60 phones, see above post for description. Posted by Picasa

those of who still remember pune univ, will know this tree ;) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

mp3 in MeTA Studio

get the latest and the first public version of meta studio at:

along with many changes (in the UI) and the underlying APIs (the network apis in package), you can do some cool things like playing mp3, while checking out on latest geometries ;). here is the code:
pl=play("path to mp3 file");

and to stop the player:

to use the code u need to open the beanshell prompt (from Tools->Open Beanshell)

enjoy and plz. give feedback!

(update: a) the mp3 decoder is taken from jlayer mp3 library
b) all "additional" packages used in meta studio are LGPL, if i have modified them their source is available else where.
c) no source code of meta studio is released as of now. its still in development stage, and as the source code changes are pretty fast, i can't provide the source at this point.
d) most of the APIs are documented and are available from Help->MeTA Studio Help. .. but are subject to change.