Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hello! Picasa

Picasa and Hello are wonderful digital photo handling tools from google... MS will have to really worry now ... because for me these tools seem to be far more innovative and use friendly than those offered by MS! ... and now they are a part of Google!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Need a good software be complex to write?

... Frankly speaking i am also searching for the answer!
I had just started reading some of the initial pages of New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram
... and i have got a feeling that well it might be possible to write any software in a "more simple" way but not simpler.

For example i was trying to write a shortest program (in terms of condition checking) for finding all possible knight moves in fortran and ended up with the following, o/w a lot of thinking:

program knight
dimension id(16)
data id /2,-1, 2,1, -1,2, 1,2, -2,-1, -2,1, -1,-2, 1,-2/
read(*,*) i, j
if( stop
do m=1,16,+2


thought i feel the code is compact, i have a strong feeling that the program can be reduced further. but to do so i have to do a lot of background thinking, which infact may complicate the understanding of the program it self!

... may be my conclusions are primitive, or completely wrong? ... i am still researching!