Saturday, May 28, 2005

Matchbox Project

Matchbox Project The wonderful X11 for embedded systems ... which is used by Encore Mobilis.
a digital zoom of the bird in flight Posted by Hello
And the ultimate shot :) I still can't belive that i took this photo. This was an apparently lucky shot, a kind of myna (orangish in color) flying in mid air. This camera was not in action mode. Posted by Hello
closeup of aster (?). didn't use viewfinder / lcd panel during capture. Posted by Hello
a closeup of bulbul ... from a wrong angle ;) Posted by Hello
the sun and the clouds played wonderful light games during this summer. an attempt to capture it :) Posted by Hello
wonder how the spider that made this will look like. (photo taken in shade settings) Posted by Hello
and while we were buzy taking photographs of leafs, this little toad came into picture! Posted by Hello
the lotus leaf with a big water drop on its and the backdrop reflection of cloudy sky make it one of the photographs i love :) this photo is taken from the alice garden's pond. Posted by Hello
the shank Posted by Hello
ritwik tried to artistically shoot through the prism Posted by Hello
some experiments with prism Posted by Hello
beautiful yellow flowers, but don't know their names. any idea? Posted by Hello
the yellow flower tree Posted by Hello
during my some what occupied time with tiring and boring writing, i could manage to get some time for DP... these are some of them which i took in univ campus during may 1st and 2nd week. In picture a nice close up of the dragon fly (helicopter :)) Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Refactoring Home

Refactoring Home
This is an extensive site on refactoring ... changing the code structure w/o changing its symantics.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Voyager-1 Termination Shock

Voyager-1 Termination Shock
One of the ancient manmade spacecraft is about to cross the solar system after almost 30 years... This page gives a recording made by Voyager-1 when it crossed a termination shock region.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MSN India - Bloggers to get official accreditation

MSN India - Bloggers to get official accreditation

... thats a great news for bloggers from india.... seems finally govt. is waking up :)

MSN India - The gap between rich, poor countries

MSN India - The gap between rich, poor countries

is a report on WHO report on findings about the amount of research publications in the world. Though it seems that india's rate of publication has increased from 66% to 73% (in 3rd world conuntries) form 1991 to 2001, this is far behind other developed nations... and mind you during the same time China has increased is publication rate by 20% which is more than double the increase than what india has acheived.

if we all don't wake up now then we'll be left far behind in science too!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

PlayStation 3 announced for 2006

PlayStation 3 announced for 2006 - News at GameSpot: "2 teraflops of overall performance. It will sport 256MB XDR main RAM a"
.... looks like the specs of a super computer!!!! i am really interested in using this platform as a means of doing scientific computing on a game station :)

File System Forensic Analysis: PC-based Partitions

File System Forensic Analysis: PC-based Partitions
.. is an excellent article for those who want to know more about PC based file system partitions.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Sun Labs Day 2005: Schedule of Talks .. Fortress

Sun Labs Day 2005: Schedule of Talks

... is a talk by Guy Steele (co-author of Java specs) on Fortress.... but it seems that the real this will take 2010! ... can't wait sooo long!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fortress, ISRO ...

Fortress, ISRO ...
And here come a probable replacement for the grand old Fortran ... from none other than Sun, whom i love for introducing Java :)

Also y'day was 05/05/05 wonderful ? and ISRO successfully launched the cratosat-1 (the heaviest ever payload sent with pslv) ... Kudos to the isro team, will i ever get a chance to be there ;)