Monday, May 14, 2007

MeTA Studio windows installer

For those of who like the simplicity of installer to check out meta studio, i have built a windows installer using Null Soft installer, and is available at:

The installer needs an installation of JRE, which can be obtained from, if u do not have it already installed.

I have tested the installer on Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (32-bit) and Windows XP Professional (32-bit) and it seems to work fine. I guess it should work on other versions of Windows too!

If you are looking of sample files to program in MeTA Studio, the scripts and widgets package is now available separately at:

Friday, May 04, 2007

revisiting olpc

Well not exactly, but this NY Times article on the schools in US abandoning the "one-to-one" computing programs as it hardly improves the learning abilities of the kids, is something that really needs to be thought about.

The article notes that in the seven or so years it was functional in many schools, the box has more served as distraction in the learning process.

Incidences like these should be taken seriously and probably we need to study a lot before blindly implementing a new technology driven learning scheme.

As of now India has taken a stand of opting out of the OLPC project, possibly because of these very worries?