Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

quality of fotus and pune rain!

well totally unrelated topics.

i just realised that, the quality of fotus posted by current settings of pica tool are quit poor when it comes to posting "delicate" fotus. also my inet connection is not fast enough to post all the fotus at high quality. so if any body need a high quality fotu, please leave a comment. but no assurances.

and about the rains.... they are heavy and its started raining again now!
the here we enjoy :)  Posted by Picasa
the close up of flower there Posted by Picasa
and one more, the lighting truned out to be nice :) Posted by Picasa
a these wonderful bunch of small (really small) flowers Posted by Picasa
wonderful lighting effect :) Posted by Picasa
having nice time, honey :) Posted by Picasa
sunflower face, ultra closeup :) Posted by Picasa
symmetric flowering , part II Posted by Picasa
symmetric flowering Posted by Picasa
ready to flower? Posted by Picasa
the spider, in the air! Posted by Picasa
a creative fotu of sitafal, i liked the lighting effect. Posted by Picasa
u can guess the abundance of "m" creatures after seeing imprint of a dead "m" in offset printing of IE! Posted by Picasa
spot the "dust horse" :) Posted by Picasa
a fresh leaf with nice lighting conditions Posted by Picasa
spot my camera ;) Posted by Picasa
the falling drops Posted by Picasa
m for monson, m for mosquito!  Posted by Picasa - Japan to build world's fastest supercomputer - Jul 25, 2005 - Japan to build world's fastest supercomputer - Jul 25, 2005

its about 10 petaflops ! 73 times faster than the current one.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Saturday, July 09, 2005

a day spoilt a week :( .. but the week was good :)

i had a very engaged and productive week..... but it all ended with a not so good weekend

i had just transferred all the data from the deperment server i manage to a new server only to discover at the end that it doesnot have enough "old" PCI slots to fit the "old" cards!! to discover all this after configuration of the whole stuff, with the aim to put it up by the evening, really pains :(

any ways ......... i move on :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005

the ants over a lunch! (digital zoom) fignting or cooperating over a sugar grain? Posted by Picasa
bugs day out :) its less than 1/2 cm. in length Posted by Picasa
honey bees in the cannon ball Posted by Picasa
and the cannon ball revisited Posted by Picasa
and another set of gr8 flowers and i don't know the names .... help me get a botanist friend !! Posted by Picasa
another wondeful set of flowers ... and sadly don't know their names Posted by Picasa
continuing here is a macro of a wonderful flower whose name i don't know ... any one want to comment on this? Posted by Picasa