Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nokia Asha 305 : the right direction

A while ago, I complained about Nokia Asha series being >5 K INR makes no sense ( I am now happy to see Nokia release Asha 305 (, with just the right price point and just the right features. This is the first full touch phone in the S40 series to be released in Indian market, and I am expecting it to do well, provided it gives substantially superior performance in comparison to budget Android phones. Specs wise it seems great, and I plan to review this device when I get hold of one of these (anyone wanting to lend me a review unit is welcome!).

In the mean time I keep supporting Nokia, and hope that they can come out of the tough times (as well as the Jolla venture). Just last month I convinced two of my colleagues to buy Nokia: one Nokia Asha 200, the other Nokia Lumia 710, and I too got a very basic and lovely Nokia 1280 for my parents (actually I too might use this for some of my travels, when I can't carry my Lumia 800 around).

Update: Well a youtube user DrTechn0logy has already done a pretty indept review of the phone and you can watch it here:

Saturday, July 07, 2012

3dcam script app is live on Windows Phone Marketplace

To download search for '3dcam' in the Marketplace, or use the link ( You might have to check if it is available in your countries marketplace, although I have opted for worldwide publication.

The 3dcam app is actually a very simple script written using TouchDevelop and is packaged as an app using the tools at I had earlier written a blogpost on the script itself (

The app is absolutely free (and no ads), and depending on interest I will keep adding and improving this script app in my free time. Enjoy!

(Obligatory Note: This is a personal project, and not connected to my current employer)