Sunday, May 29, 2011

Push pedal..

An Indian express article ( is indicating that there is increase in Push Bike sales in Pune with the recent increase in fuel prices. To me it is just a blip in the timeline. Not sustainable. Unless of course there is substantial up gradation of cycle tracks in Pune.

At least for now I would not actually recommend long distance commuting on a Push Bike in Pune … from my own experience.

Just drawing…


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Normal generation for surfaces in MeTA Studio..

For some reason, the earlier builds of MeTA Studio did not have normal generation for surface rendering. This resulted in poor but fast surface rendering. I have just modified this to always generate normals for surfaces starting from r468 revision in the SVN. So now you need not tinker to get a smooth surface.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remembering Dr. V. Sundararajan, sir

When I called him up yesterday morning on his cell, to invite him for some function, that soothing voice on the other end was no longer there. He had left all of us the very same morning. I am at loss of words.

To me Dr. Sundararajan was an 'un-official' mentor during my Ph.D. program. Although I had quite less academic overlap with him, he always used to help out in umpteen ways, particularly when it came to using the C-DAC facilities for our research work.
He almost always used to attend my Ph.D. progress presentations and had ready useful comments at the end of the session. After I had completed my thesis, he had asked me to give a presentation at C-DAC, which unfortunately never happened as I almost immediately went to ANU for post-doc.

Even when Dr. Sundararajan went into higher administrative roles at C-DAC he was always accessible to everyone who had an interest in doing interesting work with HPC and evolutionary algorithms. He also taught courses at my alma mater, and would indeed be a great loss as a teacher.

R.I.P. may god give his family strength and courage for the life ahead.