Sunday, March 12, 2006

mobimol v0.1 - worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones

.. (most possibly ;))
well first thing first:
- you need python interpreter for s60 phones available at
- after installing this on your compatible phone, grab mobimol source from
- push it to your mobile (serial, blutooth, ...)
- and you are done!

currently this viewer reads only .xyz files and has very, very basic functionality.
you will see more features in a few days... (hope to get some spare time to do this!)

well, i never thought that i would be writing my first mobile app in python! java was my first choice, but as you see python and nokia have a nice combination :) only problem is that its not as truely portable as java. that is the cost paid for easness.. this script was written in about half a day, and about an hour to get used to the s60 python APIs.

and finally this all means that i have got a mobile! so that would be a real surprise for a lot of people that i know (u will get my number shortly ;))

.. was a nice gift for me on my BD ;)

- the shots are taken from my camera with H2O (whats that?) shown on mobile and the same stuff open in MeTA Studio on my PC.
- mobimol is very basic and will remain so, if u need full featured (programmable stuff), you may consider a look at MeTA Studio (see my earlier posts on how to obtain it)
- mobimol is GPLed , if u make changes, please make them available!

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