Monday, August 15, 2011

Google + Motorola = Googarola !

Here we go, Googarola (! Google has announced that it would be acquiring Motorola mobility, the unit of Motorola that build the Droids. Essentially, Google has stopped being software only company, by buying a major Android handset manufacturer. This is a quite smart move. From the official blogpost, it is quite apparent the motive of this buy: Patents. Lately, Android handset manufacturer have been hit by patents from all sides, some of which may be ligit, but overall they simply seem to seve as a way to scare companies away from using Android alltogether. With Motorola acquisition, Google gets its hand on a large pool of mobile patents, and at the same time also weakens its complaint againt Apple+Mircosoft et. al. to the US DoJ for the rescent issue of Nortel patents buyout.
Personally, I feel this is a good move in view of customers. Hopefully, the mobile space has room for atleast about 5 different ecosystems which are sustainable as against only 2 players in case of PCs. Google can now have more control over the hardware and at the same time will have less worry of any patent litigation. Also, I think this move is good for other Android handset manufactures, as now Google can essentially be more helpful to them when it comes to patent litigations. What actually worries me is if the culture of an 80 year old company will jell well with an yet young Google.
In view of this acquisition, one more thing seems to be clear: the reason why Nokia didn't go with Android. I guess, with Motorola acquisition in mind, Google obviously couldn't think of giving Nokia enough room for customization of Andoid.

Things in mobile space are getting very interesting. May be another major cosolidation is underway... like the 'unlikely' acquition of Nokia by Microsoft? Although I am highly skeptical of such an event.

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