Monday, January 14, 2013

MeTA Studio update

A new online update for MeTA Studio is available. The latest version is 2.0.14012013. To update use: Help -> Check for Updates -> [Update] -> [Restart]

This is largely a maintenance update. There are no new features that are added. However, a few changes as noted below:
  • The build system has moved to JDK 1.7 so before you update MeTA Studio, update your JRE to latest JRE 1.7
  • If you do not wish to update your JRE, please do not apply this MeTA Studio update. If you want the latest build, keeping your current JRE, then the only way out is to compile from the source. I will no longer make binary builds against JRE 1.6.
  • A simple example script to visualize "gradient path" is added (see
  • The JEditSyntax source has been updated to work with JDK 1.7, if you are compiling with 1.7 you will need to recompile this at your end.
  • The update mechanism has changed, now after the updates are applied, subsequent update files will be appended with the build numbers. This will help maintain previous binary archives.
I hope to get some free time this year to bring in some of the "frozen" work to light in MeTA Studio platform. Stay tuned.

(MeTA Studio on Google code:

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