Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick take on Lumia 510

I take all the opportunity to covince people to get a Nokia device, it seems. My experience with the Lumia 800 has been great, even when I won't be getting the new Windows Phone 8 update. So this time it was my uncle, who had an old Nokia C-200, and was looking for a device with somewhat big screen and supper for office docs as well as navigation (as he travels a lot). So I convinced to get him a Lumia 510. Mostly because it fit his budget and had a bigger screen than the Lumia 610, even when the on device free memory is about 2.2 GB and is not expandable.
Lumia 510 along with my Lumia 800. The display feels really big on 510, but the clear black curved glass makes 800 look gorgeous in comparison. The photo was taken using a Lumia 710.
 After installing couple of apps and all India offline maps for Nokia drive, the space left was about 1.7gb. Next my uncle needed to transfer some of the music he had on his older phone to the new one. Being space constrained, I converted the mp3 files into mp4 format and synced via Zune, which saved quite a lot of space. After all these the free space on the device is 1.12gb, sufficient space for many docs and photos. Also the extended 7gb of storage on cloud is quite useful, especially for backing up the photos.

My uncle doesn't play games, so none were installed. Althogh I can guess that because of hardware limitations, many highend games may not be compatible. Also some of the apps like Skype are not compatible for low memory Lumia phones yet.

Overall, my uncle and I liked the device. The UI is pretty responsive. Some third party apps takes noticeable time to launch, but once loaded they are pretty responsive. I would recommend this device to first time smartphone buyers, who are looking for a valuable and stable experience from a smartphone.

 Sidenote: This post was entirely written on my Lumia 800, only using the IE9 browser.


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