Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some fun with TouchDevelop and MeTA Studio: scan molecules ;)

Ok so I had some more fun with TouchDevelop. This time a bit serious one ;)

I have been writing a script on my Nokia Lumia using TouchDevelop that allows one to scan a molecule drawing (either using a camera or pre-stored image) and then obtain approximate 2D coordinates with some basic on-device editing. The coordinates can then be emailed to yourself (or ur friends). So now, this script is kind of usable, at least for simple molecule drawings. The script (called omr, fancy optical molecule recognition :) ) can be accessed from: Of course you will need a WP7 device to use this script.

The coordinates obtained can be directly imported in MeTA Studio by using the widget available here:
Once in MeTA Studio, you know what all can be done :)

[Disclaimer: The script is purely non-commercial, and comes with no support what-so-ever ;)]

Have fun!

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