Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fun with 3D anaglyphs : TouchDevelop and MeTA Studio

I just enjoy writing stuff in TouchDevelop using my Nokia Lumia. So this time I wanted to write an app that generates on-device anaglyphs using two images (left and right channel photos). To use this script (3DCAM) head straight to : on your Windows Phone.

The resolution of final images from the above script is not that high though. So if you want to make anaglyphs from the images taken from your DSLR, you would like to try a script I hacked together for MeTA Studio (available at:
A few tips while taking 3d photos:
  • steady hands! or else use a tripod
  • images whose background doesn’t change gives more depth feeling
  • if the background is changing the images might not give the ‘real world’ feel
  • subjects of interest must also be stationary
  • the closer the object, the more displacement you will need for taking the left and right channel images
To see some of my initial trials head to:

You will need red-cyan glasses to view these images. To make your own red-cyan glasses, the following youtube video will server as a good starting point (

Have a nice week ahead!

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