Friday, June 04, 2010

Random thought

No stylus on your tub let_ Something is missing! (1)

No stylus on your tub let_ Something is missing! (2)


Mylifeasacomic said...

Hi! I just happen to have found your blog through googling T91MT.

I've been eye-ing one off, I want one XD, but I already have a bigger (and heavier, less portable) tablet... probably not the best idea to spend $$ so soon.

Surprisingly, I've had the same thoughts as you: I've been reading about the T91mt, T101mt and the lenovo s10-3t

I've read a few blog posts =) namely the Ipad comparison one and this one =) Ipad users are missing out on handwriting action!

I enjoy browsing your blog =) I think I have a few common interests with you ^^. Hope to read more of your blog soon! *follows*

Kaustubh A. Joshi said...

Ur writing is not that bad!!!
I could read all the words!!

V. Ganesh said...

Kaustubh, Was that a compliment? ;-)

Kaustubh A. Joshi said...

Guess, u took it as a compliment!!
One more post using that application appeared!!
So, now! let it be a compliment!!

V. Ganesh said...

LOL. That application is OneNote, and some times Windows Journal. But I guess its a good chance to improve my handwriting ;-)