Thursday, June 17, 2010

Important intermediate binary release for MeTA Studio

This is with reference to the previous post for updated binaries (, just making it more clear in a separate post.

- This is an important update, any one using MeTA Studio must update to this binary release
- The current version number is 2.0.15052010
- This update, with out change in version number re-enables online updates. Any further updates to be shipped as online update, till major changes are needed.
- Also includes updated docs for API changes
- Moves the binary package download to Google code. Skydrive will still be used for hosting user scripts.

Update: There is a new online update available (now the version number is 2.0.24062010) that fixes issue with Java3D rendering. You will need to have v 2.0.15052010 installed before you can apply this update to make it work correctly.

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