Tuesday, July 25, 2006

on OLPC and RTIA

Two disconnected issues. But the way in which policy makers are taking decisions (and giving reasons for them) on these apparently important matters should be of real concern and .

A few days ago, the HRD ministry had indicated that OLPC (one-laptop-per-child) program is *not* suitable for children of rural India... providing some absurd reasons like: ".. the problems (health) faced by rural child is well known, and would be further complicated by usage of laptop". and it goes on to give so many other reasons (by quoting foreign experts)! I fail to understand why no Indian expert is at all considered?

So is the case of Right To Information Act (RTIA) where an amendment to limited/ no access to "file noting" on certain "classified" areas is proposed. Similar acts in other countries were cited as example for the proposed amendment. This is simply not good for a health of democratic India, where we seem to be trying to do what others are doing, and simply not having our own views on these subject of prime interest to any democratic institution.

And as Arvind Kejriwal gets Magsaysay Award for the very RTIA that he and may others (including Anna Hazare) fought for, we simply wonder how our elected representatives are modifying a powerful act to suite some wested interests.

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Wayan said...

Maybe outside experts were quoted because there was backstory to the snub they wanted to cover.