Monday, August 07, 2006

Lost mobile phones: can they be found?

Yesterday while travelling back home from pune railway station to viman nagar, some rouge stole a mobile (samsung) from an unsuspecting girl in an overcrowded bus.
After reporting the matter to the conductor, he offered to stop the bus immediately to get it checked, but as commonsense suggested, this wasn't feasible as the person who stole it would have already disappeared. In any case I found that the attitude of the people really disturbing: instead of suggesting ways what to do next people were finding faults like 'her bag was open', 'its her mistake', 'you cannot find a lost mobile' and all that: not a single attempt the calm down the crying looser!
Any way after waiting for some time, I couldn't resist but offered to call up the customer care center (fortunately it was airtel, same as my service). And also advised to file an FIR with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as early as possible. After few attempts i was able to get the a line to the customer care executive, to whom she spoke. To my surprise, in spite of giving all SIM details to the executive, she refused to block the SIM! and instead asked to call back after lodging an FIR! This was a real shocker for me.
In any case I am not aware of any other mechanism of tracking a lost mobile, than lodging an FIR and then asking the operator as well as the mobile manufacturer for blocking the stolen mobile.

I guess, with more of these thefts, we must device some way to track down these gadgets. And also people must realise that a lost mobile can be (and probably will be) used for unlawful activities. As law abiding citizens we must do all that is possible to avert such misuse. Thus, a theft of a communication device must be taken seriously.

In the end, i could not (and probably can't - at least for the time being) trace the lost mobile but at least brought a slender smile. :)

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