Friday, June 23, 2006

mobioo v0.1, first OpenOffice (odt) reader in PyS60!

ah well but a really basic one with following formating:
- paragraphs
- bold, italic, underline, strike-through
- font colors

not yet:
- bullets and numbering
- pictures and tables: probably never??

Get the source at:

And set a sample ODT (OpenOffice writer) file from here:

Please note that you will need pyexpat for s60 installed on your phone which is available here:

PS. I will be making a SIS installer too shortly so check back!
In the previous post of BtSMS, be cautious about the UID, its a mock UID!

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Yoon Kit said...

The pyexpat you point to only supports s60 1st and 2nd editions. Any for 3rd editions? I would to try out your app.