Wednesday, June 21, 2006

BTSMS v.0.1: forward your SMS over bluetooth and send SMS via PC

With BTSMS you can:
- read all your SMS (no MMS or bluetooth files)
- forward SMS over bluetooth as note files
- send SMS via PC using client
( the client requres you to have:
> python interpreter 2.4 or higher on linux or windows xp
> pybluez extension library available from:
> and ofcourse a bluetooth transreceiver (dongle) connected to your PC

- Get the source and SIS file for this application at:


raj said...

I like this app. Would like to discuss more on this script to add more functionality. Can you contact me if you are interested?

raj said...

Forgot my email..
my email is

LukasHetzi said...

hello. I really like this app, but I had to modify 2 lines to make it working with (german) special chars:

in function PCSMS.sendSMS line 124, pcsms.pc:
added after string.strip:
msg = msg.encode("utf8")

in line 134,
replaced smsMsg = fis.readline()
with smsMsg = unicode(fis.readline(), "utf8")

in line 138,
replaced messaging.sms_send(addr, unicode(smsMsg))
with messaging.sms_send(addr, smsMsg)

I don't know exactly why, but so it worked for me ;-)

Nitin Kushwaha said...

Hello Ganesh,

Thanks for this application,

can you please help me with developing a s60 based software in Python which can turn on /off lights and bulb..

like the one at


V. Ganesh said...


Thanks for dropping in.

I can help you with the background for how to do it. But with building the circuits, I might have to search around my self. As have not fiddled with electronics for a long time.


V. Ganesh said...

For those looking for an advanced application inspired by this post, see:
being developed by Lukas Hetzenecker.