Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sun promises to open source Java

Sun promises to open source Java

WOW! Now that probably means SUN is working on something entirely new. Probably the Fortress.

I guess this is the best way to manage software today, make it so big and usable, and make people so dependable on it that one day if you opensource it: you donot loose any thing, you still win hearts and make money.

what does it mean to opensource J2SE/J2ME will have to be seen. but to my best apprehension, sun will go for opensourcing J2EE and J2SE and may be J2ME too, but will take licensing fee from implementers.

now if J2SE really is opensourced, the other attempts to make opensource implementation of 1.5 like the apache foundations Harmony project become redundant.

secondly, J2SE stack should be opensourced in such a way as not to have forks, which are so common on opensource community. if forking happens that all breaks down the fundamental idea of Java platform: "write ones, run everywhere".

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