Thursday, May 18, 2006

convert ur mp3 to ogg

if u are a linux user and enjoy listening to some gr8 mp3 and wma, then converting them to a better "opensource" alternative: ogg vorbis is really simple :>

you need:
1) mplayer with all its plugins
2) oggenc (i.e. ogg support - comes default in most distros, i use FC5)
3) use the following script (toogg.csh) to convert the files


mplayer -ao pcm "$1"

set quality = $2

if (null$quality == null) set quality = hi

if ($quality == lo) then
# useful for your mono phones (like 6600)
oggenc --downmix --resample 8000 -q 1 audiodump.wav
oggenc audiodump.wav
mv audiodump.ogg "$1:t:r".ogg
rm -f audiodump.*


and enjoy the freedom in music (or videos) :)

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