Sunday, December 26, 2004

Google Deskbar Shortcut

MSN Toolbar suite's Deskbar provides an excellent functionality of adding your own shortcuts. This is a naive attempt to incorporate a similar technique into google deskbar as a plugin. To use the plugin u need google deskbar and .NET runtime installed, then download the source+binary from here. Unzip and copy GoogleDeskbarShortcut.dll to C:\Program Files\Google\Plugins, and select this plugin from google deskbar menu (refer to deskbar help). A little help is given below:
To do thisEnter this in deskbarExample
open a document, program, media file or website@shortcut,[document/media file path, program name, website address]@cv,c:\cv.sxwto use this shortcut, type !cv.@n,notepad.exe to use this shortcut type !n.@g, to use this shortcut type !g.
to delete a shortcut@shortcut@n deletes the shortcut n.
to use a shortcut!shortcut!g opens up googles site in IE.


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