Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Google Deskbar API's

Its cool, googlers have really eaten up my mind ! ;)
Well I a currently working on something in computational chemistry (i can't tell the details here), for which i required certain updates to be posted on web (so as i can monitor from them from my home ;)) and guess what i wrote a the "search" tool as a plugin into google deskbar with in 5 mins!! Here is the code in C#:

// A sample Deskbar plugin which searches for GAMESS Jobs on the phi-grid
// Copyright V.Ganesh 2004

using System;
using System.IO;
using Google.Desktop;

public class GamessJobSearch : ICustomSearch {
public string Title() { return "Gamess Job List"; }

public OutputType GetOutputType() { return OutputType.kViewer; }

bool Match(string query, string name, string email) {
if (email.ToLower().StartsWith(query))
return true;

string[] name_words = name.Split(' ');
foreach (string w in name_words)
if (w.ToLower().StartsWith(query))
return true;

return false;

public string Run(string query, OutputType browser_type) {
return "[MY COMPUTE SERVER]?q=" + query;

I have removed the URL as its a bit private, any way its fun to work with google stuff :)

1 comment:

guy said...

Hello V. Ganesh,

I read about your plugin with interest. I would appreciate your advise.

I am interested in developing my own plugin which will search one of my sites, a travel related search engine...

Could this be as simple as changing the URL in your script? If so, should I keep your copyright notice? Also, what is one suppose to do after writing a plugin, how does it get uploaded or downloaded?

Any hint is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.