Sunday, August 26, 2018

A quick trip to my alma mater: Pune University

I had a quick visit to my alma mater the PU (now SPPU). I had been visiting the campus after quite a long gap, and more so I was going in monsoon time. A time when the campus is lush green and as always pleasant than the rest of city. So I was surprised to find that the British era main building has been mostly renovated and looked great again.

And one who has been in PU for even a short graduation course cannot forget the great old tree - the place where multiple generation of students relaxed, studied, chilled and romanced. I always make it a point to walk though this tree every time I visit the PU campus. The tree is getting old, a branch was completely rotten, but it still stands still as a magnificent caretaker of numerous seekers of knowledge who folk to this Oxford of the east. 

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