Friday, March 02, 2018

Axiostat becomes the first from India to get USFDA approval for wound dressing.

Wounds are a traumatic. Some wounds may immediately kill a person, others may hurt over a longer period. Having been associated with a company researching into this domain, I can tell you that for both of these, wound care is absolutely essential and an important part of that is dressing.

Axiostat (, a Bangalore based company just got USFDA approval for their patented (, emergency wound dressing tech ( Apparently, their products are being already used in Indian military ( Now, with this approval, they also have the possibility of a larger global market.

This is quite a good news. These are some of the companies and alike that GOI needs to froster and encourage. They are not the ones that have short term benefits (of creating lots of jobs, say) albeit  have long term impact not only in India but have global outreach. Something, I had argued back in 2014 in this article ( and also echoed in a well written article by Amit Paranjape (

As a policy, GOI not only needs to encourage local manufacturing, but would have to go the extra mile to encourage disruptive, forward thinking companies who may not have capital funds today but have superior brain power to make products, and IP for the world audience of tomorrow. 

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