Friday, June 02, 2017

Serval Project: Carrier independent network

Almost 5 years back, while putting in an my idea of building a mobile experience for myself, I had suggested a carrier independent network is what I want - something what will not only distribute the need to create infrastructure but also free us from lousy carrier plans and create a world where communication is free between humans where ever they are. [Ref:]. Obviously carrier based / satellite systems are necessary for emergency situations - but our reliance on them could definitely be minimised.

So when I saw the Serval Project (, I was pleasantly surprised that they have exactly the same goal. More over, instead of building a whole new OS as I earlier proposed they are going for a more practical solution of putting it in an Android app. This is a big shout out to you guys developing the Serval Project. It is like a moment when you feel that you are not alone in the thoughts you have about how to make things different in this world. I have just installed the app on my secondary Android device and tested it with a friend. Though the interface is quite primitive at this stage, and the call quality not upto mark - it works. It is experimental and yes, it will improve.

After digging a bit into history of Serval Project (, I discovered that it was proposed almost 2 years before I had written the above mentioned article and an early system was used for emergency response during Haiti Earthquake.

The Serval Project is also opensource ( and in the coming days I plan to explore this project more in depth to see if I can contribute in some way here.

Meanwhile any one should be able to install the app from Google Play (, and be the part of experiment and the quest to build a carrier independent backup network. 

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