Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why so insensitive?

Two incidences that happened in last 48 hours near my house made me write this post.

The movie shooting 
So early in the morning of 9th June (may be around 7am), I heard some one yelling 1, 2, 3 .. start and then there was a roar of cars and again someone yelling ... Cut! I didn't pay attention. I am generally too busy early in the morning. Then came the kids flocking and shouting and then I came to notice that they were actually shooting a movie - some Hindi movie. So far so good. The problem started when people actually wanted to go out, including me - mostly to work. And these people who were field guys behaved somewhat curtly telling people they should not go out now and wait for some time. At first, I had an instinct to call local police station and complain. But then I realized that they had taken some 'police permission' and I could see some guy in uniform. You can easily see the problem. These guys come from outside and behave curtly, something that is obviously going to raise some temperature. But that is not the point. The thing is if people in the area were informed before hand (say the earlier day), that there would be general inconvenience to people going out of their home due to some movie shooting, it would have gone a long way in the right direction. But that simply doesn't happen. People are simply insensitive towards others. In this case the whole crew who were shooting the movie as well as the police. In fact, even putting a mere "Sorry, inconvenience is regretted" by either the police or the crew would have done a good job. But hey why should I care about you? and how does it matter? It matters. And it matters a lot when a citizen looks upon the people in the society. Hence forth, I will always have a skeptical look at any crew people from Bollywood, just because of this one incidence. With police it is a different matter, I always had a good experience with police (and Pune police in particular), with the exception of what I would have expected from them yesterday.

The marriage party
That day did not end there. There were more mysteries at hand. When I came back from work that day, I could hear some dancing and fireworks going on near a prominent hotel in the area. That was around 8pm. Thought that was some regular marriage function. But then this 'band-baja' and fireworks escalated to a height around 9:30 pm and continued  probably till 10:30 pm near the Zircon housing complex near my home. This 'band-baja' was so loud that lots of things were vibrating in the cacophony, and there were so many loud sounding fire crackers that there was a think smoke. Of course, you guys are happy about the marriage, and so must every one in the human society be. But to create a cacophony and genuinely trouble people around is a big sign of being totally insensitive.

"I don't care about what others have to say"
"I don't care about what others have to say about me"

Is being insensitive good? Probably, to some extent. And probably only when the in-sensitiveness only affects you not the people around you, not the society you live in. And it is definitely a no when that in-sensitiveness is harming others, and is doing ill in the society in which you live in.
Being sensitive to others in society starts in small ways: help otherwise-able to cross roads or politely give seats to seniors in public transport. I do so. But I also feel immense joy when I see others do it. Being sensitive, is what makes us a society, without which we do not exists.

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