Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An inside look at one of the first popular smartphones: Nokia 6600

The first ever mobile phone I owned was in fact a Smartphone: Nokia 6600. This was one of the best phones available at one time, in terms of cpu, memory and availability of installable 3rd party applications. It even had a modern day browser: Opera Mobile. Was just a perfect piece of hardware: but lacked 3G. And then the advent of iPhone just made it look too lame. I always wanted to have a look inside this smartphone to see what chips make it tick. So, finally I took apart the circuit board of 6600. It has a 104MHz ARM processor, with onboard RAM of 10MB. There is also internal storage chips which I guess is either 16MB or 32MB. Pretty low specs compared to what I have on my Lumia 800 (which has almost comparable hardware to my Asus t91mt – except on the RAM front).



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