Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sloppy journalism

This is like the 'not again!' moment..
Some time ago I had reported about some sloppy reporting in blogs (http://tovganesh.blogspot.com/2009/02/reporting-and-blogs-blatant-errors.html). I would have given that some neglect thinking that it was just a blog!? But today a friend of mine pointed me to this stupid report on a news site:

Which essentially claims again that Malaria is caused by Virus! Horrible error made again! Either the quality of reporting has noose dived or as Rupert Murdoch says 'quality reporting comes at a price'. I am quite reluctant to take side with the later as I feel that there should be free flow of credible information for a healthy society rather than it being for an 'elite only'. BBC news is primary example of this 'free flow', whome I think, do a wonderful job of reporting and is accessible to everyone who as a simple radio. We still can access BBC via short wave radios, anyone remembers those?

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