Friday, March 19, 2010

Three decades and a DSLR

Well that is a bit of farce. I had been planning to get a DSLR for quit a long time, but just have not been convinced to spend on it, until recently, I went ahead and ordered one (from, whom I would rate as quite excellent and prompt online retailers). And they delivered exactly on the day I turned 3 decades old ;) … sounds like getting old.

Well so, I have done quite a bit of photography before but have never handled an SLR before. So the piece I ordered for is quite an entry level but good camera from Canon: EOS 1000D. This came with twin lens : 18-55mm and 75-300mm. Both of these lenses are with out IS, so essentially for the later one I would need a tripod (which I already have).

In any case, I am still learning to use this camera. In the mean time I tried to take various shots with varying settings to see how the photos turn up. These are just a some of ones that turned out to be reasonably good. All photos are taken in and around my home and other places in Canberra. All shots were taken mostly with manual settings, and no flash turned on. More to follow, as I learn more. Just got another reason to travel more :-)


IMG_0069 IMG_0081
IMG_0099 IMG_0100
IMG_0108IMG_0143 IMG_0114IMG_0089
IMG_0150 IMG_0161
IMG_0162IMG_0189 IMG_0176IMG_0220
IMG_0211 IMG_0200
IMG_0404 IMG_0405
IMG_0412 IMG_0429
IMG_0551 IMG_0553

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Kaustubh A. Joshi said...

Now that is something.
especially the 5th and 7th on left.
waiting for more