Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why search suggestions need to be a little better?

Just out of curiosity, I was searching “indian people” in Google, and and I was quite surprised to find the suggestions like this:

google-suggestionPersonally, I don’t feel annoyed or hurt about this, but definitely feel sad. The world’s best search engine “suggesting” people are “ugly” or what ever, is also quite funny. I think the search suggestions are a good idea, but they should better be reasonable!

Bing, for instance seems to be not that great, but at least it doesn’t give you quite absurd suggestions.

bing-suggestionsGoogle, when are you fixing that ;-) ?!


Update: After though, just thinking how this could be automatically filtered. Probably should assign negative weights for words that qualify (living) person or words like people or person or human. Well to be truly democratic, that should not be done, but then there needs to be exceptions for the well being of society.

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drkaustubhjoshi said...

few days back i read a post on similar lines somewhere. of course the comparison was of different kind. the author had compared why the questions in relation to indians and australians. well no real similarity in the posts, just the post remind me of that another post. thought will make a note here