Saturday, April 11, 2009

Upgradability: The prime reason I will still buy a desktop PC

Lately, there has been a lot of talk on how the sales of netbook have overtaken that of PC shipment, though we hardly find any talk of laptop shipments at the same time.
There is one primary thing with a PC however that will always keep its sales up. I for one, will always prefer a PC for one thing it has to offer: Upgradability of each and every component that makes it up. And a PC of all the lot can be built at home by buying your own of-the-shelf components. A laptop is too restricted in its upgrade, and a netbook (what ever that means) is mostly an use-and-throw piece, not a real long term investment, it is more like a mobile phone. So, in the event of a much boasted "economic slowdown", would you be settling for a netbook as a primary computer or would buy a dependable and upgradeable PC? For me it will always be the PC as I said earlier. Of course, if you are looking out for a portable solution, I find netbook to be a better choice for me as compared to a full blown laptop, primarily because of the price, size and weight ratio.

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