Saturday, March 21, 2009

A reboot on Photography

Well this time at a different place in the world… Oz, the “island continent”, place of kangaroos.

When I got my first digital camera, I had been regularly with my photography interest. But I soon hit into how much I can stress with my very minimal HP camera with 3x optical zoom. Most of times I am interested in either far away objects or macro shots. For either of these I have to strain a lot with my HP camera to get good shots. I also tried things like putting extra lenses for macro shoot and also a telescope for getting a closer look at the moon.

In any case, my interest in photography has not gone done, least because I can not yet afford a good quality DSLR ;-)

So, I decided to go about my photography again with my HP camera, this time a new place. All the photos here are in fact indoor photos, in that me and the camera were both inside my home or on a balcony at a friends place, but what was shot was all outside ;-)


On my backyard, the clouds begin to appear…


they are a bit shy ;-)


and then they are all over!


and the rain…


and the storm was hard for this branch…


no one out there, its raining there !



and I try to cook in the mean time… Those potatoes stacked up on their own, I didn’t do it :-)




and at the end there was this wonderful rainbow. All shots are taken with different EV exposure settings.

And then, I go to play tennis on weekend these days… but since my games is very bad, I though its better to shoot some thing that looks better than my self ;-) which now really makes for  the outdoor photography :D All these photos were taken on my mobile (Nokia e51) camera.



Then we went to a small (but quite steep) waterfall near Canberra



and some of the photos on Bateman bay





That is it for this photo story ;-)

Have fun!

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Yogendra Risbud said...

Nice pics man.
I think u shud purchase sum really gud camera. u deserve it