Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MeTA Studio gets another update!

.. This was really quick...
Ok the major addition to the code is that now you can easily add external libraries to MeTA Studio which will be automatically loaded the next time you start MeTA Studio instance.

Here is what you need to do:
1) Ensure that you have the latest version [Right now the only latest version is the one that is offered via online update, so even if u download the latested binary package, you need to update it using online updater]
2) To add a new library:
     a) create lib/ext under MeTA Studio installtion directory if it already does not exist.
     b) copy the .jar file of your library to the above directory [say you want CDK (chemistry developmet kit), then you may put cdk.jar in lib/ext]
     c) Ensure that no instance of MeTA Studio is currently running. And then issue the following command from bin/ directory under MeTA Studio installtion director:
          java -jar MeTA.jar --addlibs cdk

         You can specify multiple such entries in one --addlibs command.
3) To use the newly added library:
    ... well just restart MeTA Studio ;-)  [UI / daemon mode]. You will be able to access all the libs from any BeanShell script that you write.

Well... we are slowly developing something interesting here, more on that later ;-)

PS: Now with the online updates, this package will be most often updated. The source will also be updated frequently, but a bit less than online updates. And finally, full binary distribution will be updated least frequently as they are a bit large for me to upload from my limited internet connection.

PPS: This version also has some standard bug fixes listed on: http://code.google.com/p/metastudio/issues/list.
If you wanna report bug, want enhancements etc. head straight to http://code.google.com/p/metastudio/issues/list

Note: To Vista users, online updates and adding external libs must be done with administrative privilages if you have installed using the windows binary installer and UAC is turned on.

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