Sunday, October 28, 2007

OS X Leopard and IPhone Touch

I had a firsthand feel of the new OS from Apple and IPhone touch interface during a visit to apple exclusive showroom. The store called Imagine and is located in Ad Labs mall in Kalayani nagar in Pune. The IPhone  on demo had access to a working Wi-Fi connection that made it possible to check the Safari web browser and the you tube video feature. I was also pleasantly surprised to seethe latest Mac OS which the sure guys had just installed on a big screen Mac. Could also check out other products from Apple, and overall it was a fun experience. This was the first time I ever visited an apple exclusive showroom and frankly I was impressed with the way the store guys allowed to experiment with everything there on display. Only my friend had to pay a price to get in there - Rs. 10 for parking! ...and i am still to get over the hangover of using the Touch interface ;)

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