Monday, October 30, 2006

day light saving: googly!

Today, i was taken unaware of a practice followed in countries not near equator.
Canberra, where I am presently staying had a daytime saving for +1 hour for the "summer time" .. and evidently not aware of this change, I reached one hour late to my work place. Surprised, my instructor asked me how come you are late today?
late? i looked at my mobile and said "probably u r early, its 8:45am".
"no, the time changed on saturday ... it is quarter to 10!" he said promptly with a smile.

... after some time I realized what day time saving was all about: only heard of now experienced!
Have a look at to know more about the rational behind it.

Later on I realized that my nokia 6600 has an option to adjust automatically to day light saving which obviously was set to off!

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