Saturday, April 01, 2006

mobimol v0.6 and mpatra v0.1

get mobimol v0.6 from

it has a few bug fixes, particulary regarding rendering.

and a new script mparta v0.1 is a pdf viewer, a very simple one though. only displays pure text no formating as yet, and no graphics! get it from

its inspired from one article on codeproject indicating how to extract text from a pdf document, but now i can't get its reference.


V. Ganesh said...


yes! thanks for taking time to find it :)

Amar Bajpai said...

does it works with 2.0, as i got an error "global name s is not defined"

Amar Bajpai said...

ohh i simply imported os &that error is gone. but still it is not opening the pdf.

V. Ganesh said...


Thanks for trying. Am currently not maintaining the script. Also I guess not all PDF open with the code so it might need fix. You are free to fix it and re-post it :)